Team Building

Build a strong team!

Whether you’re looking to build stronger bonds among your employees, stir up some competition, or just have fun, we have the right team building activity to meet your objectives. GSI can create programs that work in tandem with your company culture and help bring out team spirit among your attendees. Your staff will return with a renewed sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

Dine Around

Savor the Flavors!

Puerto Rico is the birthplace of mofongo, cuchifritos, and piña coladas.

In the heart of it all, San Juan boasts a wonderful selection of restaurants offering a variety of award-winning international cuisine. It's a marvelous way of introducing your guests to a rich and varied gastronomic fare.  Our dine-around programs are flexible enough to be customized to any budget and group size. We can assist in pre-planning your group's menus, or your guests can choose from "a la carte" menus.

Spousal Events

Family Comes First.

We understand the importance of family and want to ensure your spouses are well taken care of. GSI has created a variety of spousal and guest activities that can be described as “creative & educational,” as well as “relaxing & re-energizing.” We go above and beyond to make spousal activities outside of your main event unique. We can create an event tailored to your group’s interests, along with a wide array of tried-and-true options. Activities can range in time from one-hour to full day excursions.